Si-Mel Savidakis & Co

Who are we

Our history begins when we decided to meet the needs of providing apicultural products as a result of their growing demand. These products are cultivated in a specific area of Sitia, Crete, which is actually characterized as Natura. That motivated us to make use of the unique quality honey of Sitia, is the thyme efflorescence, which is enhanced by the hot and dry climate conditions. Our desire to offer high quality products made us establish the Si-mel Savidakis Co.
Si-mel Savidakis Co is a family business, which is housed within traditional, stone- built premises of 950 m².
Our four generation experience along with our sensitivity concerning healthy nutrition as well as the uniqueness of the place, provide us with highly nutritious products that can satisfy the most demanding consumer.
Our products are processed, packaged and stored with the most advanced and modern equipment. Last but not least, the HACCP, ISO 22000 and IFS food safety management systems are implemented, inspecting and analyzing our products from the production phase to the final product.

Our beliefs

A dedication to quality, research, innovation, the development of new products, and internationalization we believe that these are the key pillars for continuous improvement. We are a company focused on delivering our customers the simple pleasures in life – pure, naturally occurring food, distinctive natural flavours and nutritional benefits as nature intended. We are committed to sourcing and delivering the highest quality products and building enduring relationships with our customers around the globe and supporting them deliver our world-class products to market.

Our vision

Our vision is to promote worldwide the authentic honey of Crete, the exceptional thyme honey of our area. A dedication to quality is one of the driving principals of our company.The production of high quality products is for us both a legal and a moral duty towards the public.

Our team

The team of Si-Mel Savvidakis & Co consists of young, experienced and skilled people on beekeeping ,hygiene issues and trained in modern food safety standards .

Our Team
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