Melitage Honey “TOPLOU”

Mellitage Honey “Toplou” 500gr

Organic “TOPLOU” Premium Quality is an organic farming product and is a splendid combination of ingredients such as thyme and wild aromatics plants. It is collected from the coastal region of Toplou Monastery in Sitia, Crete, characterized as a “Natura” αrea. The combination of the soil and microclima of the area offer as a honey with untouched all its quality characteristics. Is the unique organic thyme honey produced in Crete with exceptional quality and a superior taste, enjoyment along with a unique character that uplifts all the senses. It comes in limited quantities..

Product Details

Product Name:Organic Thyme Honey “TOPLOU” 400gr
Description: Organic Honey from Sitia Crete
Code: A-99505
Container material: Glass jar with gold cap
Container size: 400gr
Shipping carton: cardboard
No. of containers per carton (units): 12
No. of Cartons per europallet: 91
No. of containers per europallet: 1092
Net weight per carton: 4.8kgr
Net weight per europallet: 546kgr
Gross weight per carton: 9.3kgr
Gross weight per europallet: 845kgr
Available label languages: English, German, Russian, Francais or Greek

Details Organic Honey from Sitia Crete- Product mindfully selected with strict production criteria.

Harvest 2015 / 2016
Quality attributes Rich flavor, Ethereal aromas, Velvet texture. Thyme content >43%. Fructose 40%, Glucose 32,3%, Sucrose <0,5%, HMF 17,3mg/kg, Moisture 15,3% No preservatives- No additives.
Packaging Luxury square glass jar of 500g with a gold cap and a safety seal.
Expiry Date Within 30 months after packing.
Storage Store it in a dark, dry and cool place to enjoy it until the end.
Crystallization Is a natural phenomenon, confirming the purity of the product.
Usage A perfect spread on bread or rusks, ideal with yogurt, fruits, pancakes or cheese, a valuable ingredient in salads or in cooking meat and more…
Manos Si-MelMelitage Honey “TOPLOU”