Pine Honey “TOPLOU”

Pine Honey “Toplou” 250gr

Pine Honey ” TOPLOU ” is a highly viscous honey with a distinctive flavor.

Product Details

Product Name: Pine Honey “TOPLOU” 250gr
Description: Pine Honey
Code: 99017
Container material: Glass jar with silver cap
Container size: 250gr
Shipping carton: cardboard
No. of containers per carton (units): 12
No. of Cartons per europallet: 168
No. of containers per europallet: 2016
Net weight per carton: 3kgr
Net weight per europallet: 504kgr
Cross weight per carton: 5.1kgr
Cross weight per europallet: 856.8kgr
Available label languages: English, German, Russian, Francais or Greek

Manos Si-MelPine Honey “TOPLOU”