Quality Control

We recognise that our product is differentiated not only by its unique flavour, but also by its purity and the integrity of our supply chain and processing procedures that combine to ensure our customers both trust the authenticity of a honey’s provenance but also experience a true taste of Cretan Honey.

Few things about our quality phylosophy

We are a company focused on delivering our customers the simple pleasures in life – pure, naturally occurring food, distinctive natural flavours and nutritional benefits as nature intended. We are committed to sourcing and delivering the highest quality products and building enduring relationships with our customers around the globe and supporting them deliver our world-class products to market.

The modern facilities, the excellent selection and quality of raw materials, the strict observance of sanitary law requirements and the daily quality controls at all stages of the production process ( production, packaging and storage) guarantee the production of high quality products.

Research & Development

Si-Mel Savidakis &Co is a dynamic company in honey production and packaging, constantly enriching its product range. Our company has a central philosophy and vision the creating and produce innovative, quality, tasteful and 100% natural products, based on the model of the Cretan Mediterranean diet, establishing us at the leading positions in consumer preference. Mapping the needs and demands of today's market, Si-Mel Savidakis, has invested in creating an organized a department of Research and Development as an ally in achieving its strategic goals and the ongoing struggle to respond immediately and effectively to market challenges, both in Greece and abroad.

The R & D department is constantly looking for new ideas to develop innovative products of high nutritional value is always based on the principles of the Cretan Mediterranean diet, but without any compromise in taste and enjoyment! Through an extensive process of research and experimentation and the marriage of tradition with modern beekeeping principles, production and packaging, our experienced team of scientific staff, ensure the successful result of New Product Development, and the qualitative improvement of the existing products. By focusing on “customer satisfaction with 100% natural products”, we create products that are characterized by distinctiveness, character, high nutritional value, excellent balance in quality/price and absolutely safe for all consumer groups.

The creation of new products caused by market and consumers preferences and needs. The goal of our company is the continuous improvement and production of high quality honey products, applying the advantages of our experience and food science and technology in production processes and packaging. Proof of this is particularly innovative and successful products, such as Thyme honey with Super Foods, Thyme Honey with Mastiha Chios, Saffron, Vanilla, etc.
The basic philosophy of R & D Department, for overseas markets is to adapt, without discounts, the experience of tradition in Crete and the Cretan Mediterranean diet in consumer habits and needs of each market.

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