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16 reasons to eat Thyme Honey “TOPLOU”

by Manos Si-Mel on February 1, 2014 No comments


16 reasons to eat Thyme Honey “TOPLOU”

1) It took over 5 awards superior nutritional value at international competitions (2 for 2014)
2) It is considered top quality honey from the best universities in the industry
3) The famous chef Vassilis Kallidis placed it in the first position of the product list of favorites for 2014
4) It is the king of honeys and stands for excellent taste and aroma
5) has a unique scent of thyme, you can taste it only in honey collected from the region of Sitia, the climate of the region helps this s’.
6) Boasting intense flavor and aroma characteristics
7) It is very attractive amber
8) When the tasting leaves you a sweet tingling on the palate and throat due to high amount of fructose
9) does not accept any treatment, there is no addition of colors or flavors and has all the properties of pure thyme honey
10) Is product organic farming
11) It is certified by three different organizations for the high quality of
12) Accepts daily checks on the suitability of the production line and always scored over 97%
13) Are there chemical controls externally in each package lot for ensuring excellent quality
14) Considered innovative product and many journalists write about how special is ( honey ypertrofes- world’s first in innovation )
15) In all chemical analyzes gyreokokoi thyme is over 40 % (To identify a honey should be greater than or equal to 18%)
16) Sitia is famous for its rich quantity and good quality of thyme

So :



Manos Si-Mel16 reasons to eat Thyme Honey “TOPLOU”

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Dear Sirs, dear Si-Mel first i'd like to thank you for one of the best honey, i'have ever tasted 2 weeks ago in Heraklion. It had an incredible, pleasant, summer flavor .

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