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Si-Mel Savidakis – Unique Honey Tour @Sitia,Crete

by Manos Si-Mel on March 27, 2016 No comments

Si-Mel Savidakis are ready to welcome you to our UNIQUE HONEY TOUR. With great pleasure, throughout the year, we welcome visitors from around the world, giving them the opportunity to learn about the magical world of bees and honey. Our family story, our love for the bees and the passion of what we do let us open our door to visitors, who want to learn more about the AUTHENTIC HONEY OF CRETE..

If you are in Crete and you are interesting about the honey the tour to our estate is an interesting proposal and a tasty touch to the trip . The tour is enjoyable and educational. And do not forget that we are the unique honey estate visited in Lasithi area. A unique and special destination worth visiting ..

Schedule your visit now..!!


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Manos Si-MelSi-Mel Savidakis – Unique Honey Tour @Sitia,Crete

Even Doctors Are Amazed by This Remedy: It Prevents Heart Attack, Lowers Cholesterol And Boost Your Immune System

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The combination of honey and cinnamon has been used as an efficient folk remedy for thousands of years. The Egyptians used it in treatment of wounds, the Greeks to prolong their lifespan, and the Indians to maintain a healthy body balance. All these people knew about the medicinal properties of both honey and cinnamon.

Even modern medicine confirms their health benefits, and this all-natural mix has been approved by health experts and nutritionists since it can treat numerous conditions and illnesses.


These two powerful natural ingredients can be used in various health conditions, including colds and flu, high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases, gallbladder infections and arthritis.

Relieve colds

In order to treat common colds, mix a tablespoon of honey and a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon. The consumption of the combination of honey and cinnamon will relieve cold, chronic cough and sinus congestion.

Strengthen your immune system

Consume these ingredients regularly every day in order to boost your immune system. They naturally protect your body from bacterial and viral infections.

Reduce cholesterol

By mixing two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon in a large cup of water you will successfully address high cholesterol levels. Your cholesterol levels will decrease by 10% in only two hours.

Treat cardiovascular disease

Regular consumption of a little honey and cinnamon spread on a slice of bread instead of marmalade or jam in the morning will help you lower your blood cholesterol levels and prevent the risk of cardiac arrest.

Cure gallbladder infections

You can treat gallbladder infection by regular consumption of a mixture made of a cup of boiled water, to which you one large tablespoon of honey and two tablespoon of cinnamon.

Fight arthritis

Chronic arthritis can be treated by regular consumption of a similar mixture to the one above, made of a cup of boiled water, to which you add two tablespoons of honey and a tablespoon of cinnamon. You need to drink this combo twice a day, in the morning and evening.


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Manos Si-MelEven Doctors Are Amazed by This Remedy: It Prevents Heart Attack, Lowers Cholesterol And Boost Your Immune System

Dear Sirs, dear Si-Mel first i'd like to thank you for one of the best honey, i'have ever tasted 2 weeks ago in Heraklion. It had an incredible, pleasant, summer flavor .

Some love words

16 reasons to eat Thyme Honey “TOPLOU”

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16 reasons to eat Thyme Honey “TOPLOU”

1) It took over 5 awards superior nutritional value at international competitions (2 for 2014)
2) It is considered top quality honey from the best universities in the industry
3) The famous chef Vassilis Kallidis placed it in the first position of the product list of favorites for 2014
4) It is the king of honeys and stands for excellent taste and aroma
5) has a unique scent of thyme, you can taste it only in honey collected from the region of Sitia, the climate of the region helps this s’.
6) Boasting intense flavor and aroma characteristics
7) It is very attractive amber
8) When the tasting leaves you a sweet tingling on the palate and throat due to high amount of fructose
9) does not accept any treatment, there is no addition of colors or flavors and has all the properties of pure thyme honey
10) Is product organic farming
11) It is certified by three different organizations for the high quality of
12) Accepts daily checks on the suitability of the production line and always scored over 97%
13) Are there chemical controls externally in each package lot for ensuring excellent quality
14) Considered innovative product and many journalists write about how special is ( honey ypertrofes- world’s first in innovation )
15) In all chemical analyzes gyreokokoi thyme is over 40 % (To identify a honey should be greater than or equal to 18%)
16) Sitia is famous for its rich quantity and good quality of thyme

So :



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Manos Si-Mel16 reasons to eat Thyme Honey “TOPLOU”

No time for games, let’s play

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Since then he had been skulking along towards Maybury, in the hope of getting out of danger Londonward. People were hiding in trenches and cellars, and many of the survivors had made off towards Woking village and Send. He had been consumed with thirst until he found one of the water mains near the railway arch smashed, and the water bubbling out like a spring upon the road.

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kaylaly31xNo time for games, let’s play

We are masters of the unsaid words.

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Now, mustering the spare poles from below, and selecting one of hickory, with the bark still investing it, Ahab fitted the end to the socket of the iron. A coil of new tow-line was then unwound, and some fathoms of it taken to the windlass, and stretched to a great tension. Pressing his foot upon it, till the rope hummed like a harp-string, then eagerly bending over it, and seeing no strandings, Ahab exclaimed, “Good! and now for the seizings.

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kaylaly31xWe are masters of the unsaid words.