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Recipe : Greek feta cheese with honey “TOPLOU”

by Manos Si-Mel on February 14, 2014 No comments

Breakfast with cheese ( cheese is Greek feta) and honey TOPLOU …


We need : a package phyllo pastry , a piece of Greek feta cheese, olive oil , honey and sesame Toplou .
Cut the feta into a thin piece , wrap the bag as the crust , and put it in the pan. Once cooked remove the foil , cool slightly and garnish with honey and sesame seeds !

Good luck!
Recipe from Arta !

Breakfast with cheese pie (the cheese is greek feta!) And Honey TOPLOU. The receipt is from Arta.

Manos Si-MelRecipe : Greek feta cheese with honey “TOPLOU”

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Dear Sirs, dear Si-Mel first i'd like to thank you for one of the best honey, i'have ever tasted 2 weeks ago in Heraklion. It had an incredible, pleasant, summer flavor .

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