Our Facilities

The company is housed in traditional stone 950m² building, installations with the most modern machinery in processing, standarizing and storage of our products , applying food safety system HACCP, ISO-22000 and IFS.

Welcoming Area

We welcome visitors from around the world, giving them the opportunity to learn about the bees world.

Production Area

Following the harvest, the hives are transported to our factory in Sitia for extraction. The procedure is a simple one. Firstly, we remove the thin layer of wax that the bees have created as the honey matures, while we then proceed to remove the honey from the hives via centrifugation.

Packaging Area

Latest technology and high quality automated production line.The use of the latest contemporary equipment allows us to standarize our honey without sacrificing its aroma or taste in the slightest.

Supplies Warehouse

Product Warehouse

Storage of raw materials and finished products under optimum hygienic conditions.

Manos Si-MelFacilities