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Silver Medal for “Gold Honey TOPLOU”

by Manos Si-Mel on August 10, 2015 No comments

Along with the new year just arrived fresh new !!!

The “Golden honey TOPLOU ” from Sitia for second consecutive year won silver medal in the world competition BIOLMIEL 2014 in the category organic honey in Italy ! The unique honey in Crete who got this title is produced and packaged in Sitia by the company Si-mel Savvidakis ! The international jury assessed parissotera 300 proiohoney toplou 1nta which was preceded by chemical analysis, and determined the winners with an overall average that exceeded the vathmHONEY TOPLOU SI-MELologisi the 80/100.The competition took place significant number of beekeepers from various countries, and specifically for Greece the number of entries and discrimination exceeded all expectations, proving that the quality level of the country’s products, especially organic honey, recognized worldwide.honey toplou 1HONEY TOPLOU SI-MEL

Manos Si-MelSilver Medal for “Gold Honey TOPLOU”

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