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by Manos Si-Mel on November 12, 2015 No comments

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Life … sweet as honey! They say if not praised your home … it will fall to crushed. I feel very fortunate that I will make a trip to our family business Si-mel Savvidakis. So inaugurate the column See “how here” where we learn how to make products and visits to plants and factories.

I will try to convey to ride me like a visitor of beekeeping unit and not as a member thereof.

Honey from ancient times known for its rich nutritional value. We eat the honey in yogurt, with milk, tea or pancakes. So what happens when the honey is from Sitia, part pure, rich in thyme and with enough experience in apiculture manipulations? Creates honey TOPLOU. The name comes from the monastery of Toplou area and comes with the blessing of the Abbot.

Topless honey is known to the world as the only organic honey of Crete. It travels from Australia, Canada and throughout Europe. It is awarded in several international competitions with gold and silver medals. It Boasting wonderful fragrance of thyme and amber color.

The idea of Si-mel (Sitian Apiculture) was started by 40+ years beekeeper George Savvidakis before seven years. His experience blended with the freshness of children Manos and Sophia (in our case, I’m Sophia) where they created together a new series of honey products with superfoods. The innovative idea was soon spread everywhere and prepared daily loads for distant travel. Our honey, besides me, was travelhoney.

The Si-mel has its own colonies, where it produces and packages the honey under tight controls. Keeps food safety systems ISO22000, IFS, by DIO for organic honey, and is certified by the Agri-food Partnership Region of Crete.

Let’s take a walk on the premises of Si-mel to be honey…


si-mel 1



simel 2


si-mel 3



si-mel 4



simel 10


si-mel 5


simel 7



si-mel 11


simel 12


Have you ever taste it?

Manos Si-MelThe travel Blog “TRAVEL4DAYS” visit Si-Mel

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